Patchquick Trophy Motocross - 30th June 2010

Wednesday 30th June 2010
Photos and words by Dave Rich

Brad Anderson air-time

Back on Wednesday evening 30th June some 2,000 motocross fans were to make there way down to Devon where the West of England Motor Club hosted the 60th running of the famous Patchquick Trophy and had attracted many of the countries top riders including current British MX1 and MX2 Champions Brad Anderson and Stephen Sword plus many others who had travelled down to the newly named Phoenix Moto Parc, Kingsteignton. For a change the weather was on there side as far as being dry but with no rain for quite some time water had to be put on the track to try and minimize the dust and every effort was made to do so. It was proved to be a good night at the office for Anderson who was riding for the first time in this event as he was in top form and illustrated why he rides with that number one plate.
Stephen SwordIn the opening Trophy race it was a blistering start for Sword, John May and Luke Hill but they had too much speed in to the first corner and it was the Par Homes Honda of Anderson who was to sneak through on the inside and with a clear track in front of him he was soon in to a rhythm. Giving chase was the American Ryan Blizzard who was having his first ride back after injury with Sword there in 3rd who was all over Blizzard on the opening lap, knowing that he couldn’t let Anderson get too far away at the front, but it wasn’t until nearly the end of lap 2 that Sword was to get the better of Blizzard, but by this time he was a full 7 seconds adrift of Anderson who was flying at the front. Sword was to ease away from Blizzard who was soon to be caught by young 17 year old Scott Elderfield and Stuart Edmonds and this was a real battle with neither rider giving an inch, until on lap 5 when Blizzard made a mistake on a right hander and through came Elderfield and the TM of Edmonds with Blizzard rejoining back in 7th. Anderson by this time had pulled away even further at the front with Sword a comfortable 2nd, but Elderfield and Edmonds were having a real ding dong and eventually Edmonds was to get pass the youngster on lap 12 of the 15 lap race when he got the inside line at the bottom of the big hill, but he wasn’t going to catch the leading two and was rewarded with 3rd. In the second moto it was 2009 Remedies Bar MX1 Champion John May with the best start from fellow Meredith team mate Blizzard and Edmonds, but it was a disasterous start for both Sword and Anderson as by the end of the opening lap Sword was in 8th and Ando was way back in 17th but was absolutely flying. Blizzard was all over May on lap 2 desperately trying to get pass, but every time May would shut the door on Blizzards attempts until on lap 3 when Blizzard got the better traction going up the deer park hill and took the lead at the top. Edmonds was to be passed by Elderfield on lap 4 and also by Sword who was now in 4th, but all eyes were on Anderson who was now up in to 7th and was lapping nearly 2 seconds faster than anybody else. Elderfield and Sword were to get pass May on lap 6 and were now 2nd and 3rd respectively and were both closing in fast on leader Blizzard who they were to catch on lap 7 with Elderfield actually taking the lead passing Blizzard over the big table top but Sword took a bit longer to find away pass and this was letting Anderson get even closer and he was to catch Blizzard and then was to pass Sword on lap 9 and moved in to 2nd, but Sword hadn’t given up that easy and was to stay with Anderson and these two were to catch and pass leader Elderfield 2 laps later and they were to have a long hard battle for the last 4 laps with Sword giving his all to get pass, but Anderson kept him at bay and took the win by just 1.2 of a second with Elderfield taking 3rd. In the last race this time it was Sword with the best start and he was soon to use a clear track in front of him to great advantage and was to have a 3 second lead over Blizzard in 2nd by the end of the opening lap with Anderson there in 4th looking for away pass Luke Mellows which he did on lap 2 and was now closing in on Blizzard but it wasn’t until 2 laps later that Anderson found away pass and he was now chasing Sword, but Sword was aware that Ando was coming and dug in deep and was to pull a deficit of 8 seconds on Anderson on lap 6 and he needed to as on the very next lap the deficit had come down to 6 seconds and he was still closing, gaining all the time and was to eventually catch Sword on lap 10, but he just couldn’t get by Sword until lap 3 laps from the end when Sword nearly dropped it on a slow right hander and through went Anderson. As the last lap flag was shown there was virtually nothing between them and the spectators who had stayed to see the last race were cheering Sword on and as they went up the deer park hill it looked as if Sword had taken Anderson, but Ando just piped him and then on the next lefthander Sword was to have another go, but unfortunatley Sword went in to a loose berm and went off the track to a big sigh from the crowd which was to let Anderson go on to make it three wins out of three and with it he was to win the Patchquick Trophy, but what an effort from Sword who was clapped in past the finish line.

Luke Mellows

Dan Thornhill
In the Junior A support class it was young 15 year old Dan Thornhill who was rewarded with both race wins, but he had to work hard in the opening race after not the best of starts and was to claw his way through to take the win from Aaron Austin 3 laps from the end.

In the B support class it was Tom Church’s Spanner man Ollie Stone on Toms CCM who was to win the opening race and he was close to winning the second race, but after being passed on the last lap and then dropping it on the last corner it was won by Scott Hooper, but the overall was to go to Nicholas Lee who finished 2nd in both races.


Position Name Machine Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Total
1 Brad Anderson (450f Par Homes Honda) 30 + 30 + 30 = 90
Stephen Sword

(450f Buildbase CCM)

Scott Elderfield

(450f Par Homes Honda)

Stuart Edmonds

(450f TM UK)

5 Mel Pocock (250f Bike-it Cosworth Yamaha) 11 + 23 + 15 = 49
6 Luke Mellows (450f Meredith MX Suzuki) 19 + 10 + 19 = 48
7 Matthew Moffat (250f Danger-UK Kawasaki) 17 + 9 + 17 = 43
8 John May (450f Meredith MX Suzuki) 15 + 17 + 11 = 43
9 Ryan Blizzard (450f Meredith MX Suzuki) 0 + 21 + 21 = 42
10 David Yelland (450f St Blazey Husqavarna) 9 + 11 + 13 = 33

Top South West resident winner Luke Mellows


Position Name Machine Race 1 Race 2 Total
1 Dan Thornhill (250f Suzuki GB) 30 + 30 = 60
2 Leighton Holmes (450f Aluian Yamaha) 27 + 27 = 54
3 Aaron Austin (450f Honda) 25 + 23 = 48
4 Curtis Hunt (450f Scoot N Commute Suzuki) 21 + 19 = 40
5 Richard Cuff (450f Platinum Motor Group Kawasaki) 23 + 17 = 40
6 Bill Farleigh (450f KTM) 3 + 25 = 28


Position Name Machine Race 1 Race 2 Total
1 Nicholas Lee (250f Honda) 27 + 27 = 54
2 Ollie Stone (450f Buildbase CCM) 30 + 23 = 53
3 Ed Lewis (144 KTM) 19 + 25 = 44
4 Mark Tucker (250f Kawasaki) 23 + 21 = 44
5 Matthew Clapham (250 Yamaha) 21 + 19 = 40
6 Brian Hutchings (450f A C M Kawasaki) 15 + 17 = 32

Winner Brad Anderson

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