Anthony Rew 3rd Round British Championship 16th May 2010

West of England Anthony Rew Trial

3rd Round British Championship

16th May 2010

Event Report
Being my first visit to this venue and many years since visiting a Sole Trials championship I was a bit taken aback with the severity when showed around the course by the course setters at the practice day on Saturday; but by the end of Sunday the results showed that in the Championship and Expert A class all sections recorded a clean. In the experts B just section 6 had no cleans – best was a one. The Youth riders however found it a little harder. All of which can be seen at the results section of this site.
What a place for a trial with all the sections well within walking distance and with good viewing for supporters and the press. With a carpet of primroses and bluebells- not the easiest plants to ride or walk on- with mini mountains of moss covered granite protruding making the ideal testing trials terrain worthy of championship which James Dabil rose to despite an early five in section 2 of the first lap.
Saturday practice showed that a couple of tweaks were necessary to ensure that riders did not have to reverse their bikes to achieve a clean, which in itself would have meant a five. Come Sunday and the day dawned dry but cold but by 10.00am when the first man was flagged off it had warmed to a comfortable riding temperature and there was some grip in the granite boulders. Early visitors to section one found the moss still loose and quite a lot of 3’s and 5’s were recorded but as the day wore on seemed to find more grip. Come the end of the first 2 ½ hours allowed for the first lap a mizzle of rain had set in from the southwest and some riders had to make a hard decision at the last section as to ride or take a 5 rather than loose a penalty on time.
A loudspeaker system scattered around the course kept everyone abreast of the situation as it happened. I particularly liked the commentaries’ between the two announcers Brian Higgins and Colin Dommett. Brian’s was quick and excitable ‘And here comes Dabil now pivoting on the back wheel loosing no time lifting the bars, he’s half way through section 2 and still clean- so over to you Colin.
Colin, in what I can describe only as a John Arlott voice- a cricket commentator of the old school who spoke in slow measured terms – carries on in a lower slower Cornish/SouthWest brogue. ‘Yes, he has just come into view and is balancing before accelerating over the gully and up and over the huge rock step. There, he is out clean and with about 4 seconds still to go.
Brilliant stuff I could have listened to them all day. Come to think of it – I did.
I thoroughly enjoyed the day as did most. I wouldn’t have thought there would be any complaints about it being too easy this year. Congratulations too all Organisers and Observers- Well done.

Mike Naish


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