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18th August 2012


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Event Report

The August ‘Try Our Sport’ Bike Trial

It was with kind permission from the West of England motor cycle club and Mr Harvey, the land owner of a great venue, being Botter Rock Farm near Hennock, that it was possible to organise and run a one off cycle trial on Saturday the 18th August.

It is always nerve wracking organising cycle trial events because weather conditions will affect the feasibility of being able to run it on the day ‘far’ more than with motorcycle trial events.

A date has to found in advance, that is not easy in an already full calendar, and in this country it can easily be sunny one day and torrential rain the next.

It proved to be just that on the days leading up to the day of the trial itself, but we were lucky!

Alex had put it on his facebook and trials website and I had informed the numerous contacts I had throughout the trials world to advertise it, sorry if we missed anyone out. There was a potential possibility of over one hundred being able to attend, slight panic here! If more than fifty turned up, we knew we wouldn’t have enough time in the day to finish.

We put a limit of forty on the event.

I would say a perfect number turned up, that being thirty six entries on the day.

Melvin marked out eight sections, each having four separate routes and it was decided that two laps were ample. This may not sound much to you engine assisted counter parts but just try it sometime and I am sure you will agree, or even comment ‘why don’t you just have one lap!’ After much signing on and preparation the trial went underway at nearly 10.30 am, a little later than planned.

We were short of observers, so we split the entry into three ‘route colour’ related groups, Melvin taking the reds and yellows, Nick taking the blues and I took the whites.

There were two groups of four sections a piece and we decided to all complete the furthest group of sections twice, i.e. the two laps, then return to the parking field for a bit of lunch before doing the second half of the sections located just at the top of the parking field.

This all worked quite smoothly considering having only three of us observing, it also meant that the furthest section’s markers were could be picked up while we were finishing the other sections.

My group, on the white route, had about eight riders and quite a few of them were new to me, and what a nice friendly atmosphere it had, all encouraging each other and having a great day.

There were some crashes but plenty of good achievements to far compensate them during the day, and I think a lot of tired lads towards the finish.

It must have been around 5.30 or later when the last rider finished and we tidied up the last few markers and made our ways home or rather to Mcdonalds first, then home.

There is definitely a call for a few cycle trials to continue and I hope somehow they can, for all the lads sake, Unfortunately, I can’t continue with my part and input any more but I have really enjoyed organising, being involved and the wonderful feedback I’ve had from everybody.

Cheers for now


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